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Karen Blakeman, founder of RBA Information Services, is a highly sought after trainer and information consultant on Internet, social media, and electronic information resources. She offers training on advanced search techniques, workshops on sources of business information, consultancy and training on social networks and collaborative tools, and writes articles on search strategies. 

Her services as a speaker are regularly sought at conferences and seminars. She has delivered presentations at a number of prestigious workshops and conferences, including Business Information Workshop, Internet Sourcing Workshop, NetIKK Workshop, Discover Sourcing Conference, MmIT 2013 Conference, and many more. She uploads presentations delivered at such conferences on authorSTREAM to share with her clients for later use.  

Uploading presentations on authorSTREAM also helps her organise all her material at one place. At the same time, it makes it easy for her clients to browse her presentations at their own pace on authorSTREAM and learn useful tools, tips and resources shared by Karen. 

Karen also finds authorSTREAM a very useful marketing tool and credits authorSTREAM for helping her increase her client base by about 20%. authorSTREAM has given her the platform to market her services and attract potential clients for her business. 

Karen is an active Twitter user and loves to share her thoughts, insightful articles and even authorSTREAM presentations with her 2,400+ followers. authorSTREAM’s presence on Twitter helps her get in touch with authorSTREAM support team and thus quickly resolve issues, if any.

Living in Caversham, the royal county of Berkshire, UK, she also likes capturing the beauty of life through her camera lens. Be it while walking by the Thames, by the side of footpath, or waiting at station, she likes freezing the most ordinary but most magical moments for eternity.

She shares with us how authorSTREAM helps her provide online training to potential clients:

Challenges I faced before joining authorSTREAM
Before web-based presentation sharing services became available, I hosted my slides on my website. At that time, there were limits on data storage/transfer so I had to delete previous presentations to make way for the new. Publicizing the availability and location of the presentations was also a problem, and emailing them to dozens of people a non-starter. Some conference organizers hosted speakers’ presentation on their own conference website (many still do) but that made it difficult for me to keep track of what was hosted where.

How I came across authorSTREAM
I honestly can’t remember when I first came across authorSTREAM. It was probably at a conference such as Online Information or Internet Librarian International. They often have sessions where we share and compare new or different tools. I just liked the ease of use of authorSTREAM and that it kept the original format of presentations.

How authorSTREAM helped me meet my challenges
All my presentations are now in one place and I can manage and control access much more easily. I can just give out the link to my authorSTREAM profile and people are free to look at any of the presentations that they find interesting. It also makes it very easy to link to specific presentations from my website, blog postings, social media etc.

Features of authorSTREAM I love using
I find the Embed and Share options extremely useful and easy to use. My primary reason for sharing presentations is to make them available to people who attend my seminars and workshop so that they don’t have to scribble down URLs of sites or key information in my presentation.

authorSTREAM offers more than other presentation sharing platforms
authorSTREAM keeps slide transitions and animations that other presentation sharing platforms seem to ignore. I’ve also noticed that other sharing sites sometimes lose text and website links depending on how I’ve included them in the slide. That is never a problem with authorSTREAM – everything appears just as I created it.

Besides, I have discovered that some organizations block staff access to many presentation sharing sites but authorSTREAM, thanks to its credibility and nature of content shared on it, is not generally included in the block. So a very good reason for using authorSTREAM to share information.

Improvements I like to see in authorSTREAM
I’d like to be able to add more than 5 tags to a presentation and would like to see more detailed categories. At present I have to list many of my presentations as Other/Misc.

authorSTREAM is a very good marketing tool
authorSTREAM is a very good marketing tool for me as it shows potential clients the range of training and expertise I offer. 

authorSTREAM has helped me increase my client base by about 20%. Just as important are the people who have attended workshops in the past and have picked up my new presentations via my announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and my blog and contacted me asking to run update sessions for them and their organisation.

Importantly, authorSTREAM doesn’t mangle slide content as sometimes happens with other presentation sharing services. Problems are rare with the service but when they do arise they are dealt with promptly. authorSTREAM’s presence on Twitter is a bonus and a quick way for me to get in touch.

Watch Karen Blakeman’s PowerPoint presentations. She currently has around 6,000 followers on authorSTREAM and has shared more than 74 insightful presentations with authorSTREAM users. Below is the  presentation given at a workshop for the North Wales Libraries Partnership (NWLP). Looking at Google advanced search options, it covers the impact of mobile technologies on search options and results, alternatives to Google, and the implications of open access on finding research papers:

Sign up on authorSTREAM and share your expertise with authorSTREAM users the way Karen does.

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