2013. The good and the bad, in pictures

2013 in Pictures

The world celebrated the birth of Royal Baby but mourned Nelson Mandela’s demise. The world united to support the victims of Boston Marathon bombing, super typhoon in Philippines and deadly tornado in Oklahoma but stood divided over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons.
The world went berserk over social media about twerking sensation Miley Cyrus but went on to make ‘Selfie’ the word of the year.
In all, yes it was an eventful year, with both the pluses and minuses. Here’s a look at 2013 in pictures summed up in 2 presentations by Nubia:

The Year 2013 in review (1)

More presentations from Nubia

The Year 2013 in Review (2)

More presentations from Nubia


Which was the event that you remember 2013 the most for?
Tell us in the comments below. You can even share with us how 2013 changed your life, for better or for worse.

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