2013: The Year of Sharing

2013 was an unforgettable year for us! authorSTREAM became 5 million strong family of presentation lovers. Presentation uploads shot up by 25% over last year. We made industry breakthroughs (read authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace and Upload on Facebook) and went glocal with event partnerships like Social Media Week, Mumbai, TiEcon Delhi, AIESEC IIT Kharagpur, Rangrut, IOL Conference, Texas and Webit Congress, Istanbul to bring you the best content from around the world.

2013 can rightfully be called the Year of Sharing. For all the milestones we achieved, all the new features you asked for (and we introduced too!), all the presentations that poured in, were geared towards one goal – ‘Sharing’.

Here are the few highlights of 2013 that could not have been achieved without your love and support:

300% jump in Facebook, 200% jump in Twitter Following
We grew exponentially on Social Media. Our Facebook Fan page saw the following increase from 27K last year to 82K+ likes this year; a jump as high as 300% in 2013. 

Our Twitter page too grew from 4.8K followers to 10K+ followers this year; a jump of over 200% over last year. 

Image Courtesy: mkhmarketing on Flickr

Presentations went social. Facebook, Twitter became the new presentation sharing platforms
authorSTREAM, as we believe, was (and is) the only platform that allowed users to upload their presentations from within Facebook and play it on their wall. Our Facebook App made this possible. 

Recently, authorSTREAM presentations began playing on Twitter timeline too! It was a double delight for social media enthusiasts.

PowerPoint too went social with authorSTREAM Desktop 2.1
Our free PowerPoint add-in that lets you search and insert videos from YouTube and Vimeo and images from Bing and Flickr came out with the latest version authorSTREAM Desktop 2.1 this year. It added to its arsenal some really cool features like Post to Facebook and Share via email from within PowerPoint!

Sharing with followers became as easy as clicking a button
The social network on authorSTREAM expanded and also became more close knit this year. For instance, ‘Share presentation with all your followers’ made it very easy to share presentation with all your followers with just one click. That not only meant more views for your presentation but also ensured that users stay updated with what is happening in their network.

Then there were the surprises that we gave to our users…

Launched authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace: Online storehouse of templates, diagrams
Users could now shop PowerPoint Templates and Diagrams at the most affordable price and choose from thousands of professional designs across 80+ categories, thanks to authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace – the only marketplace at present in the templates industry!

Introduced presentation embeds that bloggers were desperately searching for 
Bloggers and website owners got great news this year too. With our new iPad embed and Dynamic Embed, they could now embed presentations that played on all devices- flash as well as non-flash. While iPad embed empowered bloggers to play their embedded presentations on all devices in non-flash format, our Dynamic Embed made the experience even better. This intelligent embed not only plays on all devices but also supports all multimedia effects on a flash browser!

Held webinars by the top presentation experts in the world
Our pledge to eliminate Death by PowerPoint continued with exciting, free webinars by some of the top presentation experts like Ellen Finkelstein (PowerPoint MVP), Yancey Unequivocally and Cory Jim (Founders of Empowered Presentations), Scott Schwertly (FOunder of Ethos3), Dr Michelle Mazur (Speech Coach), Jakob Jochmann (Consultant Communication Architect at BrightCarbon), Dr Emma Sutton (Founder of Naked Presenting) and Robert Lane (Founder of Aspire Communications). You can watch recordings of all these webinars at http://www.authorstream.com/webinars/

And there were surprises users gave us…

Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor started his ‘cookery show’ on authorSTREAM
Food lovers were in for a pleasant surprise when MasterChef and one of the top 5 chefs in the world Sanjeev Kapoor joined authorSTREAM and began sharing his magical recipes through his presentations. Gajar ka Halwa, Chilli Paneer, Dal Makhani, Gulab Jamun, recipes of these and many more yummy Indian dishes are now just a click away on authorSTREAM!

Users gave us rave reviews!
Our esteemed users gave us great feedback and suggestions to do better. We were on cloud 9 reading reviews like these:

We’re lucky that this wonderful journey with you continues in 2014. ‘Thank You’ once again for all your love, patience and support! We wish you a great 2014 ahead! 

Happy New Year!

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