Top 5 authorSTREAM Presentations of 2013

Well, you know by now what was trending in 2013. But do you know which presentations ruled the online world this year? Here are the top 5 presentations which became viral on authorSTREAM and social media:

1) Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World – Olga

There couldn’t have been a better message to the world in 2013 than that conveyed by the legendary song “What a Wonderful World.” The beauty of the song accompanied with stunning visuals made this the most watched presentation of the year (29,500 views and counting).

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

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2) Smoke The Convenient Truth – Empowered Presentations

Tobacco use is expected to claim one billion lives this century! This award winning presentation reveals many such eye- opening facts and is a must watch for smokers as well as non-smokers. For smokers, to quit smoking immediately. For non-smokers, to never try it out. Hard-hitting facts, amazing design, perfect visuals, choice of fonts- it’s all in all a killer presentation. And no wonder, was the second most watched presentation (28,000 views and counting)

Smoke – The Convenient Truth [Worlds Best Presentation] – EP

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3) Colors of the World Children – Olga

“If adults had the eyes of children, the world would become better,” this comment aptly describes the impact this presentation leaves on us. Olga once again with beautiful music and stunning visuals makes it to the top presentations list (25,072 views and counting).

Colors of the World_Children

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4) A Camel Story – Hema Mamdouh

What appears in the beginning as a story for kids goes on to leave a profound message for all the grown-ups in the end. This particular presentation is a beautiful reading that gets you by surprise and stays with you long after you have stopped watching the presentation. Something very few presentations can! And so makes it rightly to the top presentations list (24,653 views and counting).

A Camel Story

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5) Miss Universe 2013 –  Nubia

The world comes to a stop when 86 beauties come together on one stage for the pageant of all beauty pageants “Miss Universe”.  With mouths open wide, men (and women) can’t just help but being spellbound by the dazzling damsels setting the stage on fire. Our congratulations to Gabriela Isler from Venezuela who was crowned Miss Universe 2013! Nubia’s beautiful composition grabs the number 5 spot (21,400 views and counting).

Miss Universe 2013

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Hope you enjoyed the recap of the best presentations this year. We had hundreds and thousands of such amazing presentations being uploaded and shared this year. It was difficult if not impossible to share all in this blog.

If you believe a presentation deserved to be on this list but got left out for some reason, tell us in the comments below. 

We hope that the season of beautiful presentations continues throughout the New Year! Looking forward to wonderful presentations from all of you…

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