Freezed in pictures: Deadly winter snow storm in US and Canada

Image Courtesy: Presentation by Nubiagroup

Last week, the bitter Arctic blast sent temperatures across the US and Canada plummeting to as low as -55 degree Celsius, the lowest in decades. 

The blizzard has already left as many as 16 people dead, schools and offices have been shut down, more than 4,200 flights have been cancelled, while millions have been forced to stay indoors in large parts of America and Canada.

Pictures of frozen Mississippi River and Lake Michigan, icicles along the beaches, cars buried under snow, steam rising above buildings, and homeless struggling to survive, paint a telling story of the brutal snow storm “Hercules” that has left meteorologists and government agencies baffled. You can feel the intensity of the cold wave in those regions by watching these pictures encapsulated in a presentation:

While the US and Canada bear the brunt of Arctic cold blast, many other countries too struggle with “Rude winters”…

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