Watch recording of the webinar ‘Handmade Slides’ by PowerPoint MVP Geetesh Bajaj

Which chocolate would you like to taste- an ordinary, most readily-available, factory produced chocolate that you have tasted end number of times or a handmade, unique chocolate that promises to offer the most delicious taste.

With this beautiful analogy, PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Geetesh Bajaj encouraged users to follow the “Handmade Style” of designing presentations to make it look more organic, personal and thoughtful and to stand apart from other presenters. He taught attendees this unique design style through his one-hour free webinarHandmade Slides” on January 14.

Snapshot of the techniques taught in the webinar:

  • Semi-Transparent Texture Backgrounds: Learn to give textured backgrounds to the whole slide or to individual elements within a slide. 
  • Theme Fonts Set: Learn to create a new theme fonts set in PowerPoint to change font for all slides at once.
  • Organic Shapes: Learn how fixed, geometric shapes can be given a handmade look with tools such as SmartArt and Soft Edges.
  • Embellishments: Learn how to embellish the text and images in a presentation to grab audience’s attention. Also learn to apply the scribbled effect to your text so that it appears more handmade.

If you missed the webinar and wish to learn from PowerPoint MVP Geetesh Bajaj how to create presentation slides that look handmade, you can watch the recording of the webinar below. If you attended the webinar and want to revisit it, then go ahead, here’s the recording of the webinar for you:

You can also learn these techniques through this PDF document shared by the presenter.  

A big thank you for the great response to Geetesh’s webinar, the first webinar this year. Wish you awesome handmade slides! 

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