8 Reasons Why Advertising Sucks

Image Courtesy: Presentation by June De La Pena

A man spritzes ‘XYZ’ perfume and suddenly women start running after him.

A middle-aged woman applies an anti-ageing cream and guess what, her husband falls in love with her all over again.
A young man applies fairness cream for a job interview and voila, he is selected!
You often think who would fall for this. But pretty soon you realise it’s all around you. Your next door neighbour, best pal and soon these products make way to your dressing drawer. 
No wonder, English journalist and author Malcolm Muggeridge called advertising as “one of the real evil things of our time.” 
In the same vein, advertiser June De La Pena spent 20 years of his life putting his creative genius into this profession and realized that it was not worth it. Mincing no words, June De La Pena spells out 8 reasons why “Advertising Sucks” in the presentation below.
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Though the presenter has finally called it quits saying “enough is enough”, yet he admits to the fact that “you simple have no escape from it”.  
What is your take on this medium? Is it really bad as the presenter puts it or just a harmless medium of information? Tell us in the comments below.
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  1. Everything is advertising – whether you like it or not. Your resume – that’s advertising. Showing up all dressed up with flowers on a first date – that’s advertising. Hieroglyphics inside a tomb depicting a pharoah’s victories – yup… advertising. We do it every day. We posture, we promote, we insult, we gloat… it’s all advertising. To claim that it is solely used to promote goods or services is nonsense. Humans are always selling something. In fact, my opinion, not unlike an advertisement, is meant to sway, convince or dare I say, “brainwash” you into accepting my way of thinking. Maybe it’s not so much the advertising that pisses us off, but the way it talks to us?

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