Don’t go mute. Let authorSTREAM give VOICE to your presentations

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More sensual the experience, better the experience.

It’s true for all forms of experience, be it cinema, television, food, or your presentations. The more senses that you bring in while viewing a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, the richer the experience for your viewers.

It’s time that you create presentations that are not just a visual media but an audio-visual media. That’s right. Why go mute when you can insert audio in your presentation and make the viewing experience richer, more personal and thus more enjoyable.

Both PowerPoint and Keynote give you the option to add all kinds of sound in your presentation. Are you apprehensive that the same would not be supported on presentation sharing platforms? Not anymore.

authorSTREAM supports music, voiceover narration and animation/transition sounds in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. So that you can showcase your presentations online the way you wanted them to be seen.

Add these sounds to your presentation:

Would you prefer watching a presentation on Oscars without any sound or with the Oscars soundtrack playing in the background?  A soccer presentation with just visuals or with a popular soccer anthem? Practically, every interesting presentation will come to life if there’s music accompanying the visual deck. Hear and see for yourself:

Cartoon Super Moms


More PowerPoint presentations from anuj malhotra

Voiceover narrationTrust us, it will be far easier for your viewers to understand a lesson you have prepared or a tutorial that you have created if you add your own audio. That ways, you need not clutter your slides with loads of text, you can just put the main information out there while explain the details through your commentary. You can do that with Record Slideshow feature in PowerPoint and Keynote and we’ll support that! Here’s a presentation by Emma Sutton who makes watching presentations an unforgettable experience for viewers with her powerful voice:

Animation/transition soundsPepper your slides with animation or transition sounds. The sound of applause at the end of slideshow, cash register, drum roll, hammer or any sound of your own is great when you want to amuse and engage the viewers. If not anything else, the sound of a bomb explosion will surely catch their attention!

What all you can do with audio in your presentations:


  • Prepare educational resources, tutorials
  • Submit classroom or work assignments
  • Embed audio presentations in blogs
  • Reach out to visually impaired


Businesses and Marketeers:

  • Create launch product videos
  • Pitch your idea to potential clients
  • Advertise product features, offers
  • Present your vision, campaigns and CSR activities



  • Create Videos and Send to YouTube
  • Create lyric videos
  • Make personal albums (anniversary, get togethers)


Professional speakers and Presentation experts

  • Prepare a short webinar
  • Give motivational talks
  • Present synopsis of works


and many more..

  • Share prayers
  • Give online coaching
  • Honor memory of person/event, etc.



How to Insert audio in your presentation: Step by Step Tutorial

Share with us how you used audio in your presentation and how the experience was in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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