You are 7 steps away from being a memorable presenter!

Forgettable. That’s one word no presenter wants to hear. Memorable. Yes, that’s what we all want to be.

We want to be unforgettable. We want our presentations to be unforgettable too. That makes our audience say “Wow. He really worked hard on his presentation” or “I am glad I didn’t miss this presentation.”

But then why is it that when it comes to remembering memorable presenters, hardly any names cross our mind. Why only prominent speakers like Steve Jobs come to our mind and not any of the hundreds of presenters we listen to day after day.

What’s missing in you and where do you start?

Ethos3, a Nashville, TN based presentation design agency, knows the tricks of the trade and what it takes to be a memorable presenter. They have helped thousands to electrify their presentations and they want to do the same for you. Here’s a peek into some of the gems they have shared in their presentation “How To Give A Memorable Presentation”:

  • Respect Your Audience’s Time: Your audience is giving you their precious time. Don’t let them regret it.
  • Be Yourself: Don’t try to be someone who you aren’t. Your audience is interested in your content, your experiences and your insights.
  • Speak in the Present: History is “His story”. What’s your story? Narrate that using the active present tense.

Know all 7 steps by watching the presentation below:

How To Be Give A Memorable Presentation

More PowerPoint presentations from Ethos3

So get ready to knock your audience’s socks off. You deserve to be a memorable presenter and your presentations deserve to be memorable too. Tell us how your next presentation went in the comments below. 

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