‘140 Characters on Each Slide’ and more amazing presentation tips from SlideComet’s Webinar!

140 characters on each slide.

That’s right. The search for the magical number on our presentation slides is now over. Thanks to SlideComet, who presented an enthralling one-hour webinar on authorSTREAM. This top presentation design boutique based in Singapore sure knows how to spice up your presentation!

Kaixin Koh, the co-founder of SlideComet, captivated the audience with some excellent presentation tips, fiery hot presentation deck, and her simple yet highly effective presentation style.

The webinar “How to design NEXT LEVEL presentations: so they listen, get it, and love it” was attended by presentation lovers from India, Hawaii, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, USA and more corners of the world.

You have really missed something if you couldn’t attend the webinar. The great news is that it has been recorded for the benefit of all presenters who wish to hone up their presentation skills and take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Watch Recording of the Webinar

Here’s a quick recap of the webinar for you:

  • Craft a story that sticks in audience’s mind: But how? Use the Laddering Process in your presentation and nobody can refuse to buy your business idea.
  • Leech on the power of visuals: Pictures with action are the most powerful persuaders. And don’t limit visuals to images on the slide. Your gestures and facial expressions are equally important.
  • Play with fonts: Fonts speak louder than words in presentations. Every font has a personality and it’s prudent that you use the right font family for your next presentation.
  • Get introduced to free, online resources: You will thank a ton for getting introduced to some really awesome resources that can transform the look of your presentation and give you an edge over your competitors.

Learn more amazing presentation tips by watching the recording of the webinar. Want more? Check out SlideComet’s presentations on authorSTREAM and learn how to make presentations that are out of this world!

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