Bring your slides to life with Animated GIFs

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Enter the virtual world of Animated GIFs. They are witty. They are fun. They are crazy. And they are alive and kicking. 

If you were an early entry to World Wide Web (Web 1.0 of 90s), you would probably remember seeing those notorious blinking under construction signs, waving american flags and prowling dinosaurs. If you are part of the new generation of Web 2.0 users, you would have probably stumbled upon short, video captures of hollywood movies and TV shows playing in an auto-loop fashion. And if you are still asking yourself what an an animated GIF is, go to Tumblr and you will see nothing but animated GIFs doing the rounds. 

What started as an experimentation in 1987 by Steve Wilhite of Compuserve has today become the new Internet language of teens (and adults too). Name any thought or emotion, the Internet fandom will have an animated GIF for that.

Twitter too is opening up to this funky format and slowly but steadily, we are seeing them being used in abundance in presentations too. The internet pundits forecast it will only get popular from here as they are short, more dynamic than static images and more immediate than a web video. 

Have you tried using animated GIFs in your presentations? Why not? It will surely up the entertainment quotient of your deck and also help you showcase your thoughts and emotions in a more creative and interesting manner.

Take for example the recent Oscars. Do you remember the disappointment for millions of Leonardo DiCaprio’s fans when he lost the Best Actor award, again. In seconds, animated GIFs and memes began trending across social media, mostly poking fun at the star’s snub. Leonardo fans have managed to be a sport about it and we hope you too are while watching this presentation:

Leonardo DiCaprio loses Best Actor Award

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There are many more ways you can use GIFs in your presentations. It does not always have to be hilarious. Take a look:


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If you love this spunky format, then go ahead and share your favorite GIFs through presentations. With Photoshop and several other softwares, it ain’t a difficult task to create an animated GIF anymore. Be it bursting of firecrackers, shimmering lights or claps of the audience, you can bring your slides to life with animated GIFs. And rest assured, authorSTREAM supports animated GIFs so that you can have fun with your presentation.

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