UPDATE: Flash embed code is now compatible with Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash recently launched its latest update with bug fixes and performance improvements. However, as a result of this update, presentations embedded on blogs and websites have stopped working. 

A number of our customers are now unable to view presentations embedded on their blogs and websites. The issue is with those presentations that were embedded using Flash embed code. 

Responding promptly, our development team has corrected the bug and made Flash embed code compatible with the latest release. The revised Flash embed code is live on authorSTREAM servers. We request our users to update their blog or website with any of the following embeds to correct the issue they are facing:

Replace the old Flash embed with the new Flash code: Login to your authorSTREAM account, choose the presentation that was embedded on your blog and copy the Flash embed code. Paste it on your blog in place of earlier code and you’ll find your presentation playing perfectly.


Replace the old Flash embed with Dynamic embed code: We also have an intelligent Dynamic embed that is compatible with both flash and non-flash devices and at the same time supports all multimedia-effects on a flash-supported browser. Login to your authorSTREAM account and choose the presentation you want to embed. Under the Embed tab, choose Dynamic from the drop-down list. Copy and paste the code in your blog in place of the old Flash embed to fix the issue.

Either of these steps will successfully resolve the issue. However, if you require any further assistance from our end, please let us know.

We apologize for the loss of your time, efforts and valuable resources this must have caused you.
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