‘Get Those Darned Bullet Points Off Your Slides’

Consider this: 

“Would you pay good money to watch a movie that has 2 hours of bullet points? Would you go to YouTube and watch clips that have only bullet points? And would you play a videogame that has bullet points?

If we expect entertainment in all these forms of visual media, why the double standard for PowerPoint which is just another visual medium?”

Robert Lane, the founder of Aspire Communications, strongly hammered the need for overhauling the presentation environment during his one-hour free webinar “Speaking Visually.” If you missed the webinar session, no worries, you can now watch the recording by clicking the link below:

View Recording of the Webinar

Some interesting tidbits from the webinar:

  • Don’t show off your presentation underwear! (Tweet This Tip)- Bullets are outlines. And outlines are your presentation underwear. They are not supposed to be shown!
  • Get those darned bullet points off your slides! (Tweet This Tip)- Agreed that they are very important pieces of information, but they do not belong on your slides. You can show them via a PDF or a handout like Robert Lane did for his webinar. (Get Robert Lane’s Free Handout).
  • Visual Language is the new language! – Let the visuals do the talking on the slides. When you speak to the audience and ‘show’ it via your slides, your content gets encoded both verbally and visually in their brain. That means they learn more and enjoy more. Isn’t that what you want as a presenter?
  • Think of your slideshow material as a grocery store! (Tweet This Tip)- Imagine you went to buy a bottle of shampoo at a grocery store and you have to search through thousands of products across all shelves to get your favorite shampoo. It’ll be a disaster. Likewise, you need to start organizing your presentations too. So that even if you have a hundred slides, you’ll be able to find the one in just 3 clicks! 

Robert Lane also shared the technique of creating separate slideshows within a presentation and hyperlinking them to navigate to and fro, just like the homepage of a website. Thousands of presenters across US are adopting this technique with remarkable success. Learn the technique today by clicking the link below:

View Recording of the Webinar Now!

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