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So, you have worked really hard on making a PowerPoint presentation. Sorry, it’s no use if people can’t view it because they do not have PowerPoint installed on their computer. 

Even if they do have them installed, the task of attaching a PowerPoint file on email is way too cumbersome. Luckily, the world has got one of the greatest softwares in Adobe Flash. It’s today the most popular media format be it for viewing videos, movies, and even presentations.

Why Convert PPT to Flash or the SWF Format?
The following advantages make Flash the preferred media for sharing presentations across education and business networks:

  • Flash files are compatible with most operating systems and most devices.
  • Audio can be integrated easily in a flash file.
  • Flash files are accessible as most browsers have the flash plugin installed.
  • Flash files are smaller in size compared to .PPT files.
  • SWF is resolution friendly.
  • The streaming technology enables you to play a video file without waiting for the whole file to download.
  •  Presentations can be easily edited, while Flash files are more secure

Why choose authorSTREAM for converting to Flash?
Yes, there are hundreds of softwares out there that let you convert PPT to Flash. They do the job well but also charge few hundred dollars to do the same. authorSTREAM does the same job for you, without charging a single penny. When you upload a presentation on authorSTREAM, it automatically gets converted to Flash. Icing on the cake, authorSTREAM retains all the animations, transitions, embedded videos, and audio in the flash output so that you can share presentations the way you wanted them to be seen.

PowerPoint to Flash

More PowerPoint presentations from authorSTREAM

Save yourself the hassle of downloading PPT to Flash softwares and spending hundreds of dollars on them. Upload your presentations to authorSTREAM and with the single click of Upload button, your presentations get converted to flash format. For free and for the world to see. 

Sign-up for free today. Happy authorSTREAMing!

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