Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. Here’s a look at Holy Week!

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The Holy Week has begun! And so have a multitude of events around the world. Prayers, church mass, silent processions, vigil and liturgies, Easter party, and kids’ favorite Easter egg and Easter bone hunts. 

Did you miss watching the Palm Sunday service on April 13 at St. Peter’s Square? Creating a history of sorts, Pope Francis stunned 100,000 Vatican crowd by abandoning his prepared homily and speaking off-the-cuff to the crowds. Later, he climbed off his Popemobile and posed for ‘selfies’ with the young crowd! That’s unbelievable, right!

Watch the Palm Sunday celebrations at Vatican and around the world in the presentation below:  

2014 Palm Sunday around the World

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Now that Palm Sunday has passed, preparations are underway for Maundy Thursday, commemorating the Last Supper before Jesus’ crucifixion on April 17 and Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross, on April 18.

Millions will observe Good Friday by fasting and attending church service. It’s also a day of solemn reflection and to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for the world.

Good Friday Teaches Us…

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And finally comes the day people look most forward to, The Easter! It’s the time of rejuvenation, of rebirth of life, of resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It’s also the time for lots and lots of chocolate and eggs. In fact, it’s even called Egg Sunday! Here’s why. On this day, you’ll find shops flooded with them, gift baskets overflowing with them, kids searching for the hidden ones in their garden, while others busy dyeing them in bright warm colors.

Then there is the Easter Bunny bringing gifts and candies much like the beloved Santa on Christmas! So, get ready to bask in the lovely colors of Easter this Sunday:

Lovely Colors of Easter (2)

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And hey we forgot to wish you a Holy Good Friday and a Happy Easter! Do share with us how you celebrated these days in the comments below.

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