[Free Webinar] Unleash “The Power of the Story” in your next presentation

“To involve people at the deepest level you need to tell stories.” Harvard Business Review 2013

It’s a common misconception that presentations dealing with mathematics, science, law or business can’t have stories. And so presenters continue to bore audiences by dumping uninteresting facts and mind-boggling numbers and charts on their slides. Yes, facts lend credibility to your story but as legendary screenwriting coach Robert McKee said, “People are not inspired to act on reason alone…The key to their hearts is story.”

Do you want to be a good storyteller? Do you want audience riveted to their seats till the end of the presentation? Then join our latest one-hour FREE webinar on “The Power of a Story” by the founder of Infinite Growth and an experienced speaker herself Maria Pantalone. The webinar will take place on May 8, 2014* at 10.00 AM Sydney Time (12.00 AM GMT, 5.30 AM IST).
*In these time zones, the webinar will fall on May 7 (5.00 PM PST, 7.00 PM CDT, 8.00 PM EDT)

During this FREE WEBINAR, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with your audience: Dumping information, data, graphs on your audience isn’t connecting with them. Learn how to intellectually and emotionally engage your audience in this webinar.
  • How to use colour that adds impact: Different colors evoke different feelings in the audience. Learn which colors can enhance your message and leave a strong impact on the audience.
  • The power of the story through images: Pictures are worth a thousand words is an old adage. But which pictures? Learn which pictures are best to convey your story.
  • Where to find great online resources: Get insight into great online resources that experienced speakers use to design presentations and stories.

More about presenter Maria Pantalone:
Maria Pantalone is the founder of Infinite Growth, an award-winning company that works with individuals and groups in developing effective business communication skills. Their team helps clients with all aspects of their presentation, from preparing themselves as a speaker to the content and slide design for a presentation. 

Maria is an experienced speaker and coach to speakers. She knows first-hand the importance of using PowerPoint effectively and the impact that it can have on your presentation. She is committed into ‘tapping into’ an individual’s potential and has been honored with several awards for her leadership and communication skills.

So, don’t lose the opportunity to learn from Maria the craft of storytelling in presentations for free.

The webinar is scheduled on:
Day– Thursday, May 8, 2014*
Time– 10.00 AM Sydney Time, 12.00 AM GMT, 5.30 AM IST
*In these time zones, the webinar will fall on May 7 (5.00 PM PST, 7.00 PM CDT, 8.00 PM EDT)
Duration: 1 hour

Register for the Free Webinar Here- www.authorstream.com/webinars

See you at the webinar!

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  1. Interesting. I would love to experiment and adopt in class room teaching.

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