The Ultimate Technique to Emphasize Keywords in PowerPoint

Emphasize text and keywords in PowerPoint

What do you do to make the Most Important Word in your PowerPoint slide stand out? 

Make it bold? Change the font? Give it a different color? Gigantic font size?

Sure these will serve that purpose too. But do you want to try something different this time? Something audiences haven’t seen? Then here is an amazing technique to try out for your next presentation (It’s pretty simple and you’ll be surprised you didn’t know how to do this all this while):

Emphasize a keyword from within the text in PowerPoint

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Wasn’t that incredible! As presenters, you obviously want the most important words to get imprinted in audience’s memory. Now, you can be sure that they will. It will not only help you kick the recall value of your slides up a notch but also keep the audiences engaged and interested. That’s like hitting a jackpot, right!

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