6 stories that can do wonders to your presentation

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“People remember how you made them feel, not what you said to them. They remember STORIES,“ says Maria Pantalone, the founder of Infinite Growth and an experienced coach.

In her one-hour free webinar “The Power of a Story”, Maria shared six different types of stories that you can use to create a best-selling presentation.  

If you missed the session, no worries, you can view recording of the live webinar by clicking the link below:

Here are the 6 stories to ace your next presentation:

  1. Who I am– It’s your story; your goals, failures, achievements, etc.
  2. Why I am here– Tell audience what’s in it for you and what’s in it for them.
  3. Teaching– Show how your idea can transform their lives.
  4. Vision– Inspire the audience with a worthy outcome if they buy your product or service.
  5. Values in Action– Reinforce the values you want the audience to adopt.
  6. I know what you’re thinking!– Address their suspicions before they voice them.

Whether your presentation is an academic one or business-oriented, you can use any of the stories listed above or in combination. To know more about each story technique, we request that you view the recording of the webinar

Some great tips shared in the webinar:
Here’s the impressive deck Maria showcased in her webinar (Key takeaways and great tips inside) –

The Power of the Story

As Maria points out in her webinar, “Whoever tells the best story, wins” (Tweet This)

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