Tweetology – 9 Easy Ways For Beginners To Master Twitter

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Whoever said that only celebrities can have thousands of followers on Twitter was pretty wrong. Anyone and everyone can have a thousand followers if they stick to the rules of the game “Tweetology.” 

Yes, there is an ‘ology’ – a science behind garnering hundreds of followers on Twitter (Tweet this tip). This science, thankfully, does not require years of learning and practice. Just 9 simple steps. How quickly you put these steps into practice depends on you. Just a little hard work and patience in the beginning and very soon you’ll be reaping rich dividends. So, want to be a ‘Master in Tweetology’? 

Here is a peek into some of the points that I have described in my presentation:

  • Suit up your profile: It is very important that you completely express yourself in your profile.
  • If possible, Update Daily: Update people with what is going on in your life and reply to people.
  • Help People: Help other people in your niche. You’ll be surely surprised one day to find out that they are eager to help you back.
  • Build Connections: Try to make a personal connection with people, this would definitely help you in long run.

To know more, view the presentation below:

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Twitter explains it all, to gain expertise share a lot, be open and communicative. Tweetology is not just about these 9 steps but about your understanding of social media and the way you see it. I don’t say you’ll become a celebrity if you follow these but I do know you’ll surely establish yourself in your niche on Twitter.

This is my perspective and I would appreciate like minds to input me with anything that I missed out.


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