You are the wind beneath my wings. Happy Father’s Day!

Da Da. Dadadadadadadadada.

Imagine the smile on a father’s face when he hears for the first time the child calling out his name.

From the moment we learnt to take tiny baby steps, his strong hands gently but firmly held us from falling. When we ran around playing with friends and siblings, he kept a close watch to see we were safe. If we cried over the little bruises on our knees and shoulders, he told us to gracefully accept both ups and downs in life. 

Needless to say, it was our father who taught us the true meaning of words like courage, duty and sharing. He was the pillar of strength, always there to have our back when we ventured out to try something new. He was there to protect us from any harm (even our mother’s scolding or beating!) He showed us the value of hard work by providing for our family needs. 

It’s him we turn to when we feel low, when we are at the crossroads, and when we need a best friend. When we grow up seeking a new identity for ourselves, he becomes the anchor that reminds us of our roots and saves us from drifting away in rough seas of the world. 

Here’s a presentation on an awesome father who takes on the makeup and fashion industry for commodifying girls. Sitting in the makeup aisle of a target store, a father is shocked at the message the advertising world is sending to all girls: Use our cosmetics and go nude. Use our cosmetics and you’ll become infallible. Choose your dream. This father won’t let the superficiality of these messages affect daughter’s image of herself. So, he writes her a letter which surely every father would want to share with his daughter and which every daughter must read.

Last year on Father’s Day, we shared a lovely ode to a father from a loving son. This year, we would like to share this beautiful ‘Thank you’ message from a daughter to her father. The Bette Midler classic “Wind beneath my wings” used in this presentation is a touching tribute to all fathers that “we would have been nothing without you”  

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So, how will you make your father feel special this day? How about making a beautiful presentation on your dad and sharing with the world online! You can even send your presentation to your dad as a greeting card via authorSTREAM. He will love this special gesture. 

To all fathers out there, we wish you a very “Happy Father’s Day.

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