Don’t let your brand go unnoticed!

Your brand churns out a lot of great presentations. You even get lot of views on them. But are you sure viewers are paying attention to your brand while consuming it? Or do they just consume the content and go away?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure that users notice your brand the next time they view your presentation on authorSTREAM: 

1) Display your Banner on the Presentation Page:
It’s time you start using the most popular form of Internet advertising on your presentation pages – Banner ads. It’s also the most preferred medium to market your brand. Placed strategically on top of the page, stretching from one end of the screen to the other, it will be difficult if not possible to ignore your brand.

What’s more, you can even link the banner and teleport the viewers straight to your website! Here’s how one of our users have used their company’s banner for more brand visibility

To keep the viewer focused on your content, you can even turn off presentation transcript, ads on your pages and related presentations by other users.

2) Brand your Presentation Channels
Channel is an awesome way to showcase all your presentations around a particular theme. You can create a channel on technology, another on social media, and another on education. What’s great is that authorSTREAM lets you brand these channels in ways more than one so that you can give a boost to your brand and business. Here’s what you can do:

  • Insert your company’s banner on top and link it to your website
  • Advertise your products or services within the ad slot 
  • Customize channels with theme, colors, and a background image that enhances your company’s branding
  • Organize page elements by adding or removing widgets from the page
  • Increase your social media following by adding your Facebook, Twitter widgets

3) Brand Presentation Embeds with Company Logo
A great way to brand your presentations is by replacing authorSTREAM logo with your company’s logo on the presentation player. That ways, whenever you embed your presentation on your blog or somebody else inserts it in their blog, your brand gets noticed and your logo is displayed in a big way. 

If you do not want to add your company’s logo, you can choose white-labeled presentation embeds (sans any logo). You can even customize your embeds with themes, border color, border size, etc. Here’s how the presentation embed appears with company’s logo: 

Aren’t these great ways to increase your brand visibility online! 

Since you are part of this business world, you would obviously be into creating and sharing presentations too. So why not make maximum profit from those presentations and bring value for your brand and business.

authorSTREAM gives these branding options to premium users. Give them a try and see the difference. To know more about these branding options, contact us today. 

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