You give PowerPoint a bad name!

Death by PowerPoint and how to fix it

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Have you experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’? That horrifying moment when you feel those ugly bullet points on slides might actually come out of the screen and kill you. Or the mind-numbing text on slides might lull you to a sleep never to wake up again. Or the sinking of heart beat knowing that you’ll have to listen to that presenter for another 45 minutes.

If you have experienced that death, we are very sorry for you. Now give us an honest answer- Have you killed with PowerPoint? In other words, are you guilty of committing all those crimes yourselves?

Don’t worry, we are not here to punish you. We want you to be one of those presenters who give ‘Life by PowerPoint’- who hook the audiences to their presentations, who make the audiences open their mouths in awe and leave them with a big, bright smile.

Yes, it’s very much possible. In just 3 simple ways, you can fix your bad PowerPoint and never kill a human again. These 3 simple ways shared by SlideComet, presentation design boutique based in Singapore, are inspired by none other than Seth Godin’s bestselling book “Really bad PowerPoint (and how to fix it)”.  

Besides these 3 golden rules, SlideComet have also shared some awesome resources to help you create fiery hot presentations. That too for free! Access the following SlideComet resources from the presentation:

  • Guide to Presentation Storyboarding: This foolproof presentation outline will help you create a solid presentation story.
  • Guide to Presentation Handouts: This playbook will help you de-clutter all information from your slides and present them attractively in presentation handouts.
  • Guide to Presentation Objectives: This playbook will guide you in identifying your objectives to create impactful presentations.
More PowerPoint presentations from SlideComet


Are you ready to give life by PowerPoint? That’s great. 

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