10 Ways to Sky-Rocket Your Social Media Engagement

How to improve social media engagement

Is your social media really ‘social’?

You might have thousands, perhaps millions of fan following on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. That’s great. But are your fans engaging with your brand the way you wanted it to be? Are they actively following your posts, sharing their experiences or feedback, and further sharing your posts with their friends?

If not, what is it that you are doing wrong? One way to increase the social media engagement is to study brands who are doing it right. One good case in study is the global coffee company Starbucks. True to their product, they ensure their content is as freshly brewed as their coffee. What’s impressive is not just the staggering number of 37 million likes and 6 million Twitter followers but the way they engage with their customers through dynamic content such as videos on coffee making, contests, recipes, interesting facts about coffee, etc. By tailoring their content to interests of customers, their updates never appear ‘salesy’ or promotional.

It’s not just big brands who are doing social media right. Small companies like Dollar Shave Club became overnight famous with their YouTube video that went viral (15 million views and counting), crashing the company’s server in the first hour. The company also engages its customers (mostly men but also their wives or girlfriends) with tips on shaving, funny short videos, and replying promptly to customer queries on their Facebook and Twitter channels.

You can be a runaway success on social media too. But how? Here are 10 tips from social media experts:

  • Images, Images, and Images- According to March 2014 research by Socialbakers.com published on eMarketer, photos were the most common content posted by Facebook pages, accounting for 75% of posts worldwide. Photos attracted the maximum engagement with a whopping 87% of total interactions while no other content type claimed more than 4% of the interaction rate.
  • Show your personality- Don’t remain just a logo. Do humanize your brand but also carve out a niche personality based on the attributes of your brand.
  • Highlight Engaged Users- If your customer posts something great about you, make sure you return the favor by sharing his work with your network. It’s a great way to turn engaged customers into brand evangelists who will go out of the way to spread the word about your brand and actively share your posts with their friends.

Watch the presentation to know all the 10 tactics of increasing social media engagement:

More PowerPoint presentations from Send Social Media


Do you know any other great suggestion that can help small as well as large businesses to actively engage with their customers on social media? Please share with us in the comments below.

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