Meme-ify your Presentations!

It’s flooding your Facebook and Twitter timeline. And you are not minding it all. In fact, you are LOLing at the jokes and sharing them with your friends. Yes, it’s memes we are talking about.

The Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, The Most Interesting Man In The World, Confession Bear, 10 Guy, Conspiracy Keanu, Grumpy Cat, and many more remain the standard choice of all meme lovers. Many on the other hand are taking their favorite scene from a movie and making one of their own.

Such is the popularity of this format that many teachers have started using these memes to liven up their teaching in classroom. Their students are loving it too! But hey, why just the classroom? Every presenter can use memes to add humor to their presentations and give their audience a chance to laugh. It’s healthy for you, them and your presentations. And we meant EVERY presenter when we said every. Every profession has their jokes; why not bring them out through memes and make your audience ROFL. What say?

We have some examples for you:

Management Issues: Don’t be the grumpy cat!

So, you are giving a presentation on managing conflicts in office, or effective managerial skills, worker-manager relationship, etc., why not start with ‘What not to do’ than with ‘what to do.’ And what better way of doing that by showing how grumpy managers can be. (Cats still look cute when they are grumpy but managers a big no-no.)

Grumpy Cat Meme

Better Classrooms: Don’t be the Unhelpful Teacher!

Giving a presentation on academic affairs, or better student learning, or online classes? ‘Unhelpful teacher’ meme will give you some tips. Oh no, she won’t!

Unhelpful Teacher Meme

Generation Gap: Someone help the Grandma please!

With so many LOLs, ROFLs, STFUs, OMGs on internet, the grandma is bound to get confused. So, the next time you are giving a presentation on parent-child, grandparent-child rapport, social media monitoring, teens and internet, etc., you might want to use a meme like this:

Generation Gap Meme

Copyright Laws: Yes, you can’t simply copy n paste

Oh yes, just because something is on Google doesn’t mean it’s free to copy. So, before you deliver a presentation on laws, you might use ‘The most interesting man in the world’ meme to explain the dry subject in the most interesting way.

The most interesting man

Lord of the Grammar: Boromir leads the way

Yes, every second homo sapien in this world is loosing his grammer skills because there linguistic skills are pretty week. Don’t you agree? Boromir to the rescue (He himself dies, though!) So, if you are giving a presentation on language, grammar, vocabulary, etc., there are endless jokes you can crack. The public will love it!

Grammar Meme

Social Media Marketing: Y U No Liking Our Fb Page?

Marketers are always complaining. Y u no like our post? Y u no re-tweet our tweet? Y u no…So, the next time you give them some valuable tips on marketing through your presentation, y u no step in their shoes and empathize with them!

Marketing Meme

SEO Marketing: Tell others what you really do

The meme “What society thinks I do and what I really do” is a great way to show the pangs you suffer and allow people to step into your shoes. Here’s a meme on SEO Marketing. You’ll find such memes on every profession flooding the Internet.

SEO Marketing Meme

Internet Addiction: It’s not just the 90s problems!

Internet de-addiction centres are opening up in many parts of the world. We are not joking this time. And the problem is getting serious day by day. If you are presenting on teenagers (or adults) obsession with social media, you might want to share the symptoms through a meme:

90s problems meme

Success Mantras: The success kid knows it all

These presentations we hear very often. How to be a successful entrepreneur? How to be a successful businessman? But nothing gives this advice better than ‘The Success Kid’?

Candy Crush Meme

The Joke is on you!

One should not always make joke of others. Making joke of oneself is a great way to beat the presentation blues and helps audience establish an instant connection with you. Show how hard you worked for your presentation last night:

Presentation Meme

There are tonnes of memes we have left out. Which is your favorite meme? Make one of your own and share it with us in the comments below.

Do try adding memes to your presentations and show us how you do it by sharing the link of the presentation in the comments below.

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Anuj Malhotra

A potter maniac, I live in a world inhabited by wizards and Marvel's superheroes. Writing is my defence mechanism (Mr. Freud, analyze this). Presentations are my new found love.


  1. I don’t love memes. Said no one ever! 😀

    Will surely try this in my next presentation. Just hope I don’t get fired by my clients (or worse, my boss!) 😉

    Thanks Anuj!

    • Trust me Akash, you won’t be fired for this. Just see your boss is not the subject of the joke! Best of luck!

  2. Absloutely agree. Just make sure the joke lands, which may not be the case if you use a meme that’s not very well known among the target audience.

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