Gone in 9 Seconds! How Successful Speakers Deal With Audiences’ Shrinking Attention Spans [Webinar]

Holding audience attention in presentations - Habits of Successful Presenters

Hollywood shows it’s possible for your car to be Gone in 60 seconds. But real always outdoes reel. Our attention span, mind’s power to focus on one thing, is simply gone in 9 seconds! It’s no exaggeration; our minds travel faster than the fastest car ever engineered.

So, as presenters how do we keep audience engaged throughout the probably 60-minute long presentation. How do highly successful speakers like Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey. Simon Sinek. Martin Luther King. Barack Obama keep us engaged for hours. And first of all, what makes them so successful.

All highly successful speakers share 7 habits in common. Dr. Michelle Mazur, Speech Designer and Author of best selling book Speak Up For Your Business threw light on these habits through her one-hour free webinar7 Habits of Highly Successful Presenters”. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording of the engaging session right now.

View Recording of the Webinar

Key Takeaways From the 60-minute Webinar

  • Develop the BIG IDEA for your presentation: The one thing that stays with all users at the end of the presentation.
  • For every 1 minute of presentation, spend one hour preparing it: That is the rule of thumb when it comes to how much you need to prepare for your upcoming presentation.
  • Incorporate stories into your presentations: The most extraordinary stories come from the most ordinary experiences. Stories engage audience like no other.
  • Practice 10 minutes a day for presentation success: No matter how boring it may seem, the more you practice the better your presentation will turn out to be.

To quickly know all 7 habits, view Dr. Michelle Mazur’s presentation she prepared for the webinar:

More PowerPoint presentations from Michelle Mazur


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  • The Presentation Sweet Spot– Get clear and develop the BIG IDEA of your presentation
  • No Sweat Speech Prep Guide– Step-by-step system for rehearsing your next speech
  • Know – Feel – Do worksheet– Get clear on the one thing you want your audience to know after your presentation
  • Storyboarding 101– An easy how-to introduction of how to storyboard your next presentation

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P.S. If these habits were useful to you and you are interested in going deeper into these, you can buy Dr. Mazur’s best selling book from Amazon Speak Up For Your Business. It’s written for entrepreneurs but is a great help for every presenter about to step up on the dreaded stage.

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