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Upload and Share PDFs on authorSTREAM

Good news! You can now upload, browse and share PDFs on authorSTREAM. That’s right.

authorSTREAM now supports PDFs besides PowerPoint and Keynote. We rolled out this feature in response to the heavy demand for this presentation format from business professionals as well as educators.

Whether it is a PDF presentation or a document, you can post them online for everyone to see or share it privately with selected people via authorSTREAM. Our presentation player beautifully handles both portrait as well as landscape PDF orientations.

Get started.

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What you can do with your PDFs on authorSTREAM:

  • Upload multiple files simultaneously up to 1GB: Post multiple PDF presentations online with a single click. Even though PDFs have the inherent advantage of compressing big files into a smaller size; yet you’ll never have to worry if your PDF is running into several hundred pages or slides.
  • Share privately or even passcode protect PDF presentations: Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of emailing your PDFs to your colleagues! Just share the presentation link privately with your selected contacts. Business members can secure their PDF files even further by setting a secret passcode and an expiry date for viewing the presentation.
  • Go Social with your PDFs: Post your authorSTREAM PDF links on your Facebook and Twitter timeline or in open and secret Facebook groups. Give a wider reach to your PDFs and get likes, comments, tweets for the same.
  • Embed PDFs on your blog or website: Play your PDFs on your blog or website by embedding the same with our non-flash embed code that works on all devices. If your website is HTTPS enabled, you can use our HTTPS embed to securely embed your files.
  • Track the effectiveness of your PDFs: It’s now possible to know the effectiveness of your PDF presentations and track who viewed it, for how long, viewers’ geolocation, likes, tweets, favorites, downloads and comments with easy to understand and eye catchy graphs and pie charts. Get instantly notified when someone views your private PDF presentation with Instant Analytics. Know more about Analytics here.

As you know, PDF doesn’t support animations, narrations, and other multimedia elements that you are so used to viewing on authorSTREAM. To enjoy all these effects, you can always use PowerPoint and Keynote. On the other hand, PDFs enjoy the following advantages: They retain all types of fonts, take no time to create at all, are non-editable, compress large files and preserve the original document.

Check out this PDF presentation in portrait mode by PowerPoint MVP Geetesh Bajaj. You’ll be seeing hundreds, nay thousands of such PDF presentations being uploaded by users in the coming few days.

More presentations from Geetesh Bajaj


Here’s another PDF but in landscape orientation that plays wonderfully on authorSTREAM’s presentation player:

More presentations from Aki


Looks great, right? Take your PDFs out of the box and showcase it lavishly on authorSTREAM. 

Upload Your First PDF Now!

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  1. That’s great news! I’ll surely try uploading a few PDFs to my account now!

    Thanks authorSTREAM Team! 🙂

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