12 Presentation Design Secrets Revealed: Say Goodbye to Ugly Slideshows!

12 Presentation Design Secrets by the Experts

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The debate on what constitutes a good design is an endless one. Is it just about looks? Or is it the functional aspect that’s more important here.

Any professional designer will tell you it has to be a seamless combination of both. An eye candy design with little value in the presentation content is much like buying a book that had an awesome cover but was a big disappointment when read. The audience in both cases feel cheated.

A content of great value, on the other hand, presented in a dull, lifeless manner stands the greatest risk of being rejected even before being consumed.

Thus, shallow though it may sound but the first presentation secret is, not surprisingly, having a great opening. One that tempts, or shocks, or raises curiosity, or just about anything that simply cannot be ignored.

How many presentations have you seen that tempted you to hit the play button even when you were not searching for that content? Very few, I am sure. Citing the most common figure going around in presentation circles from the last 12-13 years, over 30 million presentations are made each day. Only a fraction of these evoke a reaction “It was a good presentation” and even fewer are presentations that win you a pat on the shoulder “It was an awesome presentation”. Rarely do we see presenters getting a standing ovation for their presentation or a deafening applause in the hall or an outpour of lovely comments on online presentation.

Is creating a beautiful presentation really that tough? Do we have to take courses in professional designing? Luckily, professionals have shared their secrets with us so that you can create an amazing presentation on your own (and fall back on them when you don’t have the time). Here are 12 presentation design secrets from SketchBubble, a firm specializing in designing professional PowerPoint templates:

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Really not that tough, right? Are you following these in your presentation? For instance, are you choosing a font that matches the personality of your presentation? Are you choosing the right colors? If not, get started today and see the change in your presentations. To give you the inspiration to bring out the Leonardo Da Vinci in you, here’s a presentation on 13 inspiring quotes on design by award-winning presentation design agency Ethos3:

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