7 Powerful Lessons Mahatma Gandhi Taught Us

7 Powerful Lessons Mahatma Gandhi Taught Us

In a gentle way, he shook the world.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whom the world knows as Mahatma Gandhi, celebrates his 145th birth anniversary this October 2. As soon as his name is mentioned, an image of a thin, bespectacled man marching confidently with his stick or sitting quietly spinning a wheel pops in our mind.

The more we read about him, his life and his non-violent ways to get political freedom for his country India, the more we realise how befitting is the title of Mahatma (great soul) bestowed upon him. Gaining independence from the mighty British Empire through a non-violent struggle – the foundation of which was laid by Gandhiji- was nothing short of a miracle. He did not just preach truth and non-violence, he lived those virtues till his last breath. He was the inspiration behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent civil rights movement in the 1960s and many such non-violent movements for civil rights across the world.

And so October 2- his birthday is celebrated by the UN as International Day of Non-Violence and in India as Gandhi Jayanti.

authorSTREAM salutes the spirit and message of Mahatma Gandhi. With violence threatening world peace (read brutal killings by Islamic State, bloodshed in Gaza, raging war in Iraq and Afghanistan), Gandhi’s message is as relevant, if not more, today.

“We are constantly being astonished these days at the amazing discoveries in the field of violence. But I maintain that far more undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries will be made in the field of non-violence.”

Gandhi believed change should begin from oneself. Here are 7 inspiring lessons Gandhi taught us that can help us change our lives for the better:

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  1. Gandhi attempted to nonviolence and truth in all situations. that is the reasone Indians widely describe Gandhi as the father of the nation.

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