Halloween Special: 13 Creepiest Dolls and 25 Creative Makeup Ideas!

The Conjuring by Warner Bros. Pictures

The Conjuring by Warner Bros. Pictures

Warning: What you are about to read and watch may give you nightmares and is intended for mature audiences only.

Do you have a doll at your home? You might want to chuck it out. What may appear as an innocent soft toy might actually be inhabited by an evil spirit. You might laugh away the existence of ghosts but do so at your own risk. The following real life stories tell you why:

In 1970, a mother bought a vintage Raggedy Ann doll as a present for her daughter Donna on her birthday. Donna, a nursing student at the time, resided in a tiny apartment with her roommate Angie. Strange things started happening thereafter. Donna and Angie returned home one day to find the doll in a different position on the bed. Another time in a different room altogether. Even more disturbing, Donna found the doll ‘bleeding’. And soon came across messages penciled on parchment paper in a child’s handwriting.

Donna now contacted paranormal investigators Ed Warren (now deceased) and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens tried to perform an exorcism to drive away the spirit but failed. The doll is today locked away behind a special case built by Warrens at their Occult Museum. This real-life story is the inspiration behind Hollywood movies The Conjuring (2013) and the recently released Annabelle (2014).

This is just one story. There are many more. Take Robbie the Doll for instance.

The doll once belonged to painter and author Robert Eugene Otto and was given to him by a servant skilled in black magic and voodoo. Not long after, the doll was spotted running from one room to another, changing expressions and even spotted by neighbors moving from window to window. The child Eugene would scream at night and the parents would rush to find smashed furniture in his room. “Robert did it,” the terrified child told his parents. The curse lived on for generations. A ten year old girl, who came into possession of the doll, claims till today that she was attacked by the doll on multiple occasions. This real story is the inspiration behind the fictionalized terrifying doll Chucky. “Hi, I am Chucky. Wanna play?” freaks you out even today as you watch the Hollywood movie Child’s Play (1988).

To believe or not to believe these stories is up to you. Here’s a presentation on creepy dolls that put Ann doll and Chucky to shame. They are fictional or maybe not…


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Happy Halloween!

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