7 Key Resources for Free Images: It’s time to make your Presentations Sizzling Hot


Visuals are now an essential part of our presentations. Regrettably, we still get to see all kinds of cluttered and blurred images in the slides. The reason why people use these images is high price of HD images which cost more than a small business or start-up can afford.

So, what can you do to make your presentation sizzling hot if you cannot pay for high quality images? The answer is that you should have a virtual rolodex of go-to websites wherein you can find free images more easily and effectively.

If you have no budget to buy those expensive images and still cannot survive without images, then these websites will surely rescue you from drowning into numerous useless websites. Keeping this in mind, I have compiled this go-to list so that you can easily find and embed amazing free images in your presentations on daily basis. And become an accomplished virtuoso at extracting right images for your presentations. Now nothing can stop you from making that sizzling hot presentation!

7 Key Resources for Free Images (Click to Tweet):

1. Unsplash

You will find stunning images on Unsplash. They post 10 new photos every 10 days. Photos in here are contributed by some extremely talented people. It is a one page site build on Tumblr. You will surely love this one.


2. PicJumbo

This website lets you download totally free images for both your personal as well as commercial use. You can find images pretty easily as they have categorized their images. The best part is that they now offer Photoshop plugin that gives you direct access to new images every day.


3. Gratisography

They offer high-resolution pictures that you can use for your personal and commercial projects. New awesome pictures are added on weekly basis. To download image you just have to click on an image for high-resolution version. The best thing about this site is that it is free of copyright restrictions.


4. MorgueFile

It contains images that are freely shared by many photographers so that you can use them in your creative projects. If possible you should give credit to the photographer for his or her stills. Though images are totally free in here but you cannot simply claim the ownership of the images.


5. New Old Stock

If you are searching for vintage images ‘New Old’ Stock is your game. Though they don’t post loads of images every week but they have plenty of good images that are free from copyright restrictions.


6. Little Visuals

You get 7 new images after every 7 days. And if you want these 7 images sent directly to your inbox, sign up to their website and use them anyway you want.

Little Visuals

7. Pixabay

This one is my favorite along with Gratisography and Unsplash. Pixabay offers you curated images that you can use without attribution in digital and printed form, even for commercial applications. It is a comprehensive source for free vectors, free drawings and free photos. The best thing I love about them is you can browse their categories ranging from education to music.


I know that I have missed many sites that might be offering free images too. I use these websites out of hundreds of websites out there and to be more precise I use Pixabay, Gratisography and Unsplash the most.

Which free image sites did I miss that you think are awesome? And what tools do you like the most to curate or create images? I’d love to see you guys sharing your best knowledge on this.

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