Presentation Skills: Connect your laptop to the projector without looking like an idiot!

Presentation Skills - Connect Laptop with ProjectorYou step-up on the stage, your heart pouncing, nerves racking, palms sweating.Your mind is rehearsing the presentation for the one last time.And as if the pressure of starting your presentation with an impact was already not enough, you now find yourself struggling with the chords of the projector and trying all your tech-might to get that thing running – “How do I make this damn thing work!?“You lose your cool (worse, your persona) while making the attempt, and in the process your audience switches you out.Your ‘First Impression’ has been screwed and your audience is now lost.Yes, even before you uttered your very first word.End of the story!Starting a presentation with an impact is something that every presenter wants to master.That being said, connecting a laptop to a projector and getting started is one presentation skill that can, surprisingly, put most of the presenters in hot water – for they know it has the ability to catch them on their back foot, unprepared, unprofessional and ungraceful to the audience; worst case, it can make them appear ridiculously idiotic if not handled properly.It’s one nightmare most presenters like to pray through, wishing things work as expected.Connecting your laptop to the projector for your presentation is one thing, doing so without looking like an idiot is quite another!And if you have ever found yourself struggling with the same, this presentation by Matteo Cassese that lists all the tricks and shortcuts of starting your presentation with grace is going to add a lot to your ‘effective presentation skills‘ arsenal:

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See, it’s no Rocket Science.And yet, we see countless presenters each day falling flat at this simple task.Unbelievably true, your audience does takes out an impression out of it.It’s not just about your preparation, but also about you controlling the stage and your reaction when things go wrong.And last thing you’d want to happen is to start on a bad note, that too without even saying your first word!Whatever you do on the stage is going to get noticed, but with these presentation tips and shortcuts handy, I believe that you surely will put an end to starting your next presentation with a ‘dischord’.What say?

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