5 Types of Annoying Presenters and Their Annoying Habits

Types of Annoying Presenters and their Habits

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“Why is this presenter shouting?” “Why is he moving his hands so much?” “That is such a fake smile?”

I know it’s terrible to judge others. Anyone who has stepped on the stage knows how much courage it takes to deliver a 15-20 minute presentation. But let’s step in the audience shoes. Their entire attention is on you and your presentation and if you do a shoddy job with it, they have every right to ‘judge.’

So where do we as presenters go wrong? Blame it all on bad habits! Down this journey, we have intentionally or unintentionally picked up some habits that we thought would help us connect with our audience better. But it turned out to be other way around: It made them cringe and agitated.

So what are these bad habits that we refrain from at all costs? Here are 5 types of annoying presenters and their equally annoying habits. (Check if you fall into any of these categories. I do.)

Types of Annoying Presenters and their Habits

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Moral of the story: Everything in excess is bad. A little fumbling is natural, a little dramatization ups the entertainment quotient, a little self-flattery is forgiven…but when any of this becomes too much it fires back pretty badly.

Are you anywhere close to any of these presenters? Be a sports person and tell us your annoying habit in the comments below (Mine is number 4).

P.S. Heat is on the audience now. Coming up soon: Most annoying types of audience!


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