How to Restrict Your Private Presentation Embeds to Specific Blogs or Websites

Secure private presentations embeds from being used to other blogs and websites

Whether you are a university, an organization, teacher, or a business professional, you want 100% security when it comes to your private presentations. You do not want your work to be embedded outside your blogs or websites, even if someone manages to get the embed code via HTML source. How do you ensure that?

Heard about Domain Restriction? That’s the solution to your worries. Domain restriction allows you to block embedding of your presentation on all blogs or websites except the ones that you specify. This ensures that even if someone gets hold of the private embed, they won’t be able to publish your work on their domain unless you specified them to.

authorSTREAM gives you the power to restrict embedding of your private presentations to 5 websites of your choice. You can restrict embedding to 1 website too- that number is your choice!

How to Enable Domain Restriction for Private Presentations:

You need to become authorSTREAM’s Premium Business member to enable domain restriction. Business plan is priced at $39.95 per month or $299 yearly.

Once you have upgraded to Premium Business membership, follow these simple steps to enable domain restriction for your private presentation:

1. Login to your authorSTREAM account. In My Stuff menu, click My Presentations. Select the presentation you wish to secure and click the Edit link in the presentation block.

Private presentations on authorSTREAM

2. If the presentation was public, make it Private first under the Privacy settings. Select the radio button Allow embedding only on specific websites and blogs that I select.

Domain Restriction for private presentations
3. Add the urls of the websites where you permit your presentation to be embedded. Click the Save Changes button and you are done!

If any user tries to embed your private presentation on any domain other than those you specified, they will get an error message as shown below.

Restrict Your Private Presentation Embeds to Specific Blogs or Websites

The domain restriction feature is requested lot of times by educators and universities who do not want their presentations to be embedded or shared outside their Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS).

With domain restriction, you can rest assure that your content is secure and within your domain…forever.

BONUS TIP: You can protect your private presentations and share it with selected contacts via authorSTREAM’s 4 levels of private sharing:

  • Everyone with the presentation link can view this presentation
  • Only I can view this presentation
  • Only people I select can view my presentation
  • Passcode protect your private presentations

The last two options are available to premium members only.

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P.S. authorSTREAM lets you upload PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF presentations, each as big as 1GB. You can add audio narrations, videos, animations, transitions, and rehearsed timings to your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, upload it to authorSTREAM and we’ll play them exactly as you wanted them to be seen. Try it out and feel free to contact us if you face any problem anywhere.


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