Thank You All For a Great 2014!

2014 Year in review authorSTREAM Presentation sharing online

Another year has gone by and oh boy, it was a great year!

2014 was very special to us and for our 6 million users who wanted more from authorSTREAM. We made sure we didn’t let them down.

And so, the favorite PowerPoint sharing platform became the favorite PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF sharing platform. That’s the reason we changed our tagline “Do More with PowerPoint” to “Do More with Presentations”.

authorSTREAM happily opened its doors for organizations and universities with exclusive plans designed for their needs. And how can we forget the most interesting presentation events we hold for our users every year: WEBINARS!

Here’s a quick recap of what we achieved for you guys:

Introduced support for Keynote Presentations and PDF documents

Thousands of Mac users were looking for a way to share their Keynote presentations online. We not only gave them the power to do that but also the power to share them as they wanted their presentations to be seen- animation, transitions, timings, etc., intact.

Plus, we saved our users from the hassle of converting their presentations to PowerPoint, PDF, or zip file first in order to upload it. Just a simple click of the ‘Upload’ button on authorSTREAM did the magic. The good news also meant that from now onwards, viewers can view, share and download the best of Apple Keynote presentations on authorSTREAM.

Upload and Share Keynote Presentations on authorSTREAM

Not long after we embraced Keynote, we made uploading and sharing of PDF presentations and documents possible through authorSTREAM. There was a huge demand for this format too, especially from business professionals and educators. Have you uploaded your PDF document on authorSTREAM? Why not? Whether your PDF is in landscape or portrait orientation, you can upload it online with authorSTREAM and further do a lot with those documents via authorSTREAM.

Upload and Share PDFs on authorSTREAM
Launched Exclusive Plans for Teams & Organizations; Lead Capture for all

Setting up online presentation teams and collaborating within groups became super easy and fun on authorSTREAM. To meet the needs of organizations, universities, corporate and teams within these organizations, we launched 2 premium plans: Team (for small team collaboration of up to 10 users) and Enterprise (for large team collaboration).

The plans empowered small to big organizations to bring their core team under one roof, securely share presentations with team members, and collaborate online to meet business objectives.

We also launched the much-awaited feature- Lead Capture– to enable business professionals and organizations to turn viewers into business leads and potential clients. With a customized lead capture form published on your presentations, presentations can be used to attract clients like never before!

HTTPS Embeds for Secured Websites Enabled

Webmasters and bloggers who use HTTPS enabled websites and secure Learning Management System (LMS) or Content Management System (CMS) needed secure embeds for their HTTPS enabled websites. And so, we introduced this functionality too without any delay.

New designs added to authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace

To kick in the festive season in style and meet the demands of presenters for more template designs, we added an exciting new collection to authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace.

To help shoppers cash in on the offers around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we offered a flat 15% discount on all templates across the website. The offer is still on! So, create presentations in Christmasy way and ring in the new year with all-new professional designs.

PowerPoint Templates and Diagrams on authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace
Webinar Series by Top Presentation Experts Got Rave Reviews

Top presentation experts from around the world joined hands with us to deliver power-packed webinars to budding presenters. That too for free! Audiences loved each and every webinar that we organized and learnt amazing tips and presentation secrets from the experts. Which is what we wanted!

Here are the webinars we conducted this year:

Missed any webinars? Catch up on these amazing sessions by watching recordings of the webinars now.

We are super excited for 2015. Are you? Tell us what you want to see in authorSTREAM in 2015 and we’ll try our best to make it possible for you.

Wish you a very Happy New Year. And thank you for a great 2014!


We look forward to connect with you in 2015!

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