14 Romantic Movie Quotes That Will Melt Your Valentine’s Heart

Valentines Day Quotes

Love is in the air. It’s more than what your lungs can intake. And even though all this love oxygen might be enough to set love juices flowing in your veins, it barely reaches the grey cells of your brain.

Words often fail the most romantic souls on Valentine’s Day and love birds blurt out the most ‘loveless’ words that neither impress the soul nor the beloved’s heart. Are you scratching your head wondering what to say to your sweetheart? Hey, we’ve got your back! Or let’s say Hollywood’s got your back. Whenever you are low on inspiration or ideas, you can always count on romantic movies to give you timeless gems on love that will make any man or woman weak-kneed.

Which girl will not blush on hearing “To me you are perfect”- the famous love line from Love, Actually. And which guy won’t find it difficult to keep his feet on the ground when his girl tells him, “You’re the first boy I ever kissed and I want you to be the last”- pinched from romantic drama Sweet Home Alabama.

Love grows stronger with each generation (This might cause controversy). At least, it’s as strong as it ever was. If Casablanca (1942) gave us the classic love quote “We’ll always have Paris,” to show that love never dies, we have the latest romantic hit Fault In Our Stars (2014) delivering some of the best romantic lines, one of them being, “It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.

In between this long period, we have had hundreds or even thousands of beautiful, touching romantic stories with even more beautiful lines. Here are 14 of the most famous romantic lines that made us swoon and fall in love all over again. So, here’s the inspiration you were looking for:

Most Romantic Love Quotes from Hollywood Of All Time

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