Shut Up Saying These 15 Nasty Phrases in Your Presentation!

Nasty phrases to avoid in a presentation

“And uhhh, It is ahhh, I think it is a, I think it is, It is…”

“Uhhh, you’ll be able to uhhh, You’ll be able to uhhh, see a technology, uhhh, a technology that will uhhh, that will enable you to uhhh, that will enable you to…”

Before you start cursing me, let me make it clear that I have not deliberately framed these lines simply to make a point. These are the words coming from the most powerful man as well as the most important speaker in the world- former President of the United States of America George W. Bush. That’s right, he is the guilty speaker here!

You need to practice more. Spraying your sentences with fillers not only shows your insecurity but can be very frustrating for the audience.

Wait, here’s a deadlier sin. Speakers often step up on stage with confidence, greet smilingly, and then turn to the presentation screen for the first slide to appear. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. There is a ‘minor’ technical glitch and the speaker says sheepishly, “This _____ is not working.” Really! Couldn’t the presenter have tested all that before the presentation began! This is suicidal for the presenter- somebody in the audience won’t forgive the presenter so easily.

Perhaps Colin Robertson’s Ted Talk “A Ted speaker’s worst nightmare” will bring back some unpleasant memories. Here’s how the nightmare unfolded:

“Today I’m going to talk about unexpected discoveries. Now I work in the solar technology industry. And my small startup is looking to force ourselves into the environment by paying attention to … … paying attention to crowd-sourcing. It’s just a quick video of what we do.”

[ Video fails to work ]
“Huh. Hang on a moment. It might take a moment to load.”
“We’ll just — we can just skip — I’ll just skip through the video instead …”
[ Slides crash and the Mac multi-colored pizza-wheel of death appears. ]

Rather than saying “This is not working” and admitting defeat, the presenter should rely on his notes and preparation and be in control of the situation.

So, by now you know 2 phrases that you have to avoid at all costs. Matteo Cassese, founder of Presentation Hero Academy, reveals 15 horrible phrases that you (really) have to stop saying if you don’t want to be in the bad books of your audience. We’re sure you don’t want that!


15 things presenters should (really) stop saying in a presentation

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How many phrases are you guilty of using in your presentation? Or what’s your presentation pet peeve? Tell us in the comments below.


Goodbye Nasty Presentations!

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