Are You Picking the Perfect Rose For Your Loved One?

meaning of different roses and how to chose them to gift

Rose. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” the great Shakespeare said.

Agreed. But there’s a lot in the color of a rose (and in the number of roses you gift). Not all roses are red and not all carry the same meaning. You would have never given much thought to the language of roses while gifting a bouquet to your friend, proposing your loved one, or giving it to a sweet friend.

You might have never even stopped to think why you are doing so, where did this tradition start from, and who was the first person to use rose as a gesture of love and friendship.

Well, tracing the first person is a bit difficult. Each civilization- Roman, Greek, Hindu, etc. has its own rose history to tell. According to Hindu legend, Goddess Lakshmi was born inside a big rose, consisting of 108 big and 1,608 small petals. When Lord Vishnu saw this beauty, he took her as his bride.

According to an Arabic legend, there were originally only white roses until the day a nightingale fell in love with a white rose and was pricked by one of its thorn. Her blood, shed in love, colored the white rose red. Greek mythology too has a similar story. Venus’ son Cupid accidently shot an arrow in a garden of roses on being stuck by a bee. While taking a walk in that garden, Venus pricked her foot on a thorn and her blood turned the roses red.

In Egypt, Cleopatra would extravagantly decorate her yard with layers and layers of petals to show sincerity of her love towards Mark Anthony. Napoleon’s wife Josephine grew more than 250 varieties of roses to remain surrounded with its fragrance and beauty. The tales and stories surrounding Rose are endless.

With time, each rose has come to symbolize a different emotion or expression of love. There’s a rose for love, friendship, celebration, and joy. It’s time you acquainted yourself with the beautiful language of roses.

Watch the presentation below to learn this secret language and pick the right rose (and the right number of roses!) for the special one.

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Now you are ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd! It goes without saying that each person you gift a rose- friend, lover, teacher, student, boss, mom or dad- would be pleasantly surprised with the rose you chose for them and appreciate the research you put into it.

And hey, don’t forget to correct every time you hear someone sing “Roses are red, violets are blue.” Kindly inform them not all roses are red and it’s time we give the white, yellow, orange, and all other roses their due.

Happy Rose Day!


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