Now Upload Presentations from Dropbox, Google Drive & more to authorSTREAM

Share presentations online from Dropbox Gmail and Google Drive on authorSTREAM

Starting from today, you can easily upload presentations and documents saved on Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. to authorSTREAM.

A few clicks on authorSTREAM will now let you connect with your accounts on Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Google Drive, and OneDrive, select PowerPoint or Keynote presentations as well as PDF documents, and upload them straightaway to authorSTREAM.

It’s as easy as pick and drop! With this update, you can now safely store all your presentations in one place now i.e. authorSTREAM.

Follow these simple steps to upload from Dropbox and other platforms:

  1. Login to your authorSTREAM account
  2. Click the “Upload” button on the header
  3. Click the link “Upload files from Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and more
  4. Connect to the platform you want to upload from, select the file and click Upload

That’s it. You can also grab any file off the web and drag and drop files from your computer now.

Upload a Presentation Now!

There’s a lot you can do by uploading a presentation to authorSTREAM:

  • Make presentations private, passcode-protect them, and she with selected users
  • Play presentations on Facebook and Twitter timeline
  • Embed presentations on your blog or website
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into YouTube videos
  • Capture Business Leads by publishing a lead capture form on your presentations
  • Track the buzz around your presentations (Views, downloads, comments, likes, viewers’ geolocation, etc.)
  • Broadcast them live online to collaborate with anyone
  • Add them to Channels
  • ..and more.

Get started. Take your presentations out of the Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. and reach millions via authorSTREAM!

If you face any problem, feel free to contact us.


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