15 Anti-Procrastination Tips for You & Me!

Dogs and Procrastinators

Am I suffering from procrastination like this cute dog? “I’ll leave it to you to decide, but only if you have the time.”

10:00 AM: An hour after I checked into my office, I have successfully managed to check my Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, and Google+ notifications. It’s time to start writing an article. But what should I write on? Let’s surf some good presentations on authorSTREAM.

11:00 AM: Yes! I am going to write on procrastination. There are some wonderful presentations on this topic. I will be able to complete it before lunch So, let’s get started! Wait, I have 11 new emails, let’s check them out first.

11:30 AM: Before I start writing, I should probably do that small task on Excel sheet. It won’t take more than half an hour.

12:30 AM: Phew! Task done. Just half an hour left for lunch. I will have to leave it midway if I start writing now.

1:45 PM: Who starts working immediately after lunch. Let’s watch photos of cute dogs, that will give me ideas for procrastination.

3:00 PM: Wrote a paragraph, selected it, and pressed backspace. I need inspiration. Let’s watch some funny videos. Superwoman videos will just be fine.

3: 45 PM: Two hours before my shift gets over. I better get started now.

Yes, I guess I was procrastinating while writing an article on procrastination. But I am a writer, don’t I have the creative licence to procrastinate? After all, it’s not like every other work, we require inspiration, imagination, unrestricted freedom, and the Eureka moment. And inspiration comes and goes and in between those intervals we indulge ourselves.

Alright, who am I deceiving! It’s not for any reason writers are called the worst procrastinators! But I just found out while browsing some really good presentations that I am not the only procrastinator in my office. There are definitely 7 types of procrastinators in every organization. PresentationSkills expose them (Are you one of these?)

7 Types of Procrastinators [Cartoonographic Presentation]


Hmmm. I guess I was the “Stupid FILO”. Had I not started completing a low-priority task first, I would not have ended up finishing my article at the last minute. By the way, did you notice it’s been exactly a week since I wrote the last blog post (Brilliant, Heart Moving Photographs from World Press Photo Contest 2015– April 10, 2015).

Where have I been? No, I was in perfect health (Thanks for your concern, though). And no, I am not guilty of procrastinating on this account. Ummm, I was busy with some other tasks that my company required of me.

Well, what next? Is there any help for us? Can we overcome this bad habit and not fall to the temptation of postponing work for instant gratifications? There is. Steve Scott, the founder of Develop Good Habits, shares 15 anti-procrastination tips to change the way we work and not end up lying on the couch like our spoiled pets (They can still show their cute faces and get away with it, we can’t!):

15 Anti-Procrastination Tips to Change the Way You Work


Got any interesting tip for me and hundreds or thousands or millions of procrastinators out there? Drop it in the comments below. Or if you are a procrastinator yourself, you can make a confession in the comments box. You’ll be absolved of all your sins (Just kiddin!)

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